Anhui Hongyu Wuzhou Medical Manufacturer Co., Ltd.

No. 2 Guanyin Road Economic Development Zone, Taihu, 246400 Anqing, Anhui
Telephone +86 556 5129666
Fax +86 556 4249999

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Anhui Hongyu Wuzhou Medical Manufacturer Co., Ltd., established in the year 2011, is an unique and successful combination of 25 years experience in international marketing and 30 years know-how in the field of manufacturing disposable syringe, hypodermic needle and cannula, and etc.

We are exceptionally gifted that our location Anhui Taihu , in the central section of China, has the sufficient labor force, cheap electricity and water, which enable us to provide our customers with qualified product to international market but at very attractive price.

As first period, We are equipped with 12000 sqm GMP standarded clean room of grade 100,000, 50 sets of injection machines, 8 syringe auto assembling lines, 5 infusion set packing stream lines, and with totally 600 well-trained workers. After few years rapid progress and expansion since 2011, now we become the leading producer and exporter with turnover more than 80 million USD, and enlarged facility of 20000 sqm clean room, 88 injection machines, 75% production automation level. The current capacity per day reaches 5 million pcs syringes, 600,000 pcs infusion sets , 12 million pcs hypodermic needles, and 25 million pcs cannula . Besides, approximately 100,000 pcs each for insulin syringes, insulin pen needles, blood collection needles and etc per day.

Additionally, we hold the latest version certificate of EN ISO13485, CE0123, SFDA and FDA 510K approval for the range of our products. And the whole quality management system has been approved and passed by many foreign ministry of health, whatever in strict documentation audit or serious site inspection. We welcome for your investigating on our producing condition, workshop facilities, and laboratory equipments.

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