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Product category: Analyser systems / equipment

Monitoring & Control are important for the biopharmaceutical industry

In the recent years, there has been a big market shift for single-use bioreactors. However, the lack of reliable single-use sensors is limiting the growth of this industry despite increasing demand. The current state of the art biosensors use amperometric and enzymatic methods which suffer from consumption of reagents leading to short finite lifetimes, limited sterilization techniques and responses to a small number of analytes. Moreover, the production of these sensors is cost prohibitive.

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Product category: Analyser systems / equipment

Continuous monitoring with AB Sensors

Metabolite and biomarker monitoring is the key to early detection, prevention, and management of diseases, especially chronic diseases. Current sensors are limited in their applicability and reliability. AB Sense Technology™ provides a platform to continuously monitor multiple biomarkers at a low cost. These sensors overcome the inherent limitations of current sensors in the market having a broad range of applications within the clinical setting.

AB sensors provide patients, physicians and researchers with a new tool to wirelessly and continuously measure blood glucose and other biomarkers over many days. These sensors are currently in a research and product development phase at Applied Biosensors. For further information about these sensors please feel free to contact us.

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Product category: Analyser systems / equipment

Future Possibilites

Every day we ask ourselves here at AB, what more can we do with our technology? How can we make a broader social impact through our scientific discoveries? 

Our innovative culture helps us to discover new applications for our sensor technology. We are developing a technology that can be applied to different fields. This can be human metabolic monitoring, water quality management, dehydration monitoring and much more !!

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About us

Company details

Applied Biosensors (AB), LLC was founded as a spin-off from the University of Utah, Salt Lake City. The company was founded to commercialize decades of research on polymer based, low-cost multi-analyte biosensors. Through these biosensors, AB currently addresses the critical need for single-use sensors used in bio-manufacturing.

Our multidisciplinary team is well positioned to guide our company through the startup process to ultimately reach success. AB is aspiring to be the world’s leader in the industry of ‘continuous biochemical monitoring’ with a revolutionary technology that is simple yet robust. ‘Smart’ polymers on an array of micro-transducers constitute a standard sensing platform that will be supplied to multiple markets starting with ones that have low regulatory barriers.

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