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Endoscopes and accessories

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Product category: Endoscopes and accessories


EndoCleaner endoscopy washing and disinfection device has the ability to recognize staff and endoscopes via RFID. This feature enables to record information about which device has been disinfected by which staff at a given time.

  • The endoscope is placed into the basin properly.
  • The basin connector is installed.
  • The biopsy channel pipes, handle connector pipes and aspiration channel pipes are fixed.
  • The washing and disinfection process begins with the closing of the lid.
  • After successful connection, the storage unit that the endoscope is placed in is filled with 10 liters of disinfecting liquid and this liquid CONTACTS ALL CONTAMINATED AREAS IN THE BASIN.
  • The disinfecting material is delivered through channels with appropriate pressure and amount to enable evacuation of contaminated materials.
  • The disinfection process is successfully accomplished following rinsing and channel drying.
  • The report of washing and disinfection process can be printed out and this information can be archived by sending them to medGate server.

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Product category: Endoscopes and accessories


In endoStorages, which is designed for endoscope laboratories, both hygiene and aesthetics have been considered in advance. Keeping, handling and effectivity in an organized manner have all been managed in the best way.

High capacity storage solutions which enable easy and rapid accessibility have been present. The disinfected endoscopes are stored in endostorages keeping disinfection conditions over 48 hours.

Easy accessibility: The scopes can be reachedeasily with revolving hanger system. Hanging and handling is very easy.

High capacity:  The keeping capacity ranges from 3 scopes to 11 scopes in single cabinets. In double cabinets, the capacity ranges from 6 scopes to 22 scopes.

Adjustable: The hanger heights can be adjusted on a revolving center. The connector and handle carriers are adjusted to provide the most ideal ergonomic featues.

Adaptability:  : It is compatible with hanger and carriers according to newly produced and to be produced scope types with new technologies.

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Product category: Endoscopes and accessories


The leakage testing process is very important for endoscope and patient safety and health.

The possible leakages should be tested with endoLeakage leakage testing device following endoscopic operations.

endoLeakage has the ability to recognize staff and endoscopes with RFID. It records these information regarding the date and result of the process.

It files the result of leakage testing process that lasts for about one minute by transferring it to medGate server through network system that the device is connected and a print-out can be taken from the printer above.

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About us

Company details

Our firm, beginning its service with Aort Primary Healthcare Center Automation Program in 1999, has been serving in healthcare sector with high quality standards. The recommendations and requirements of outstanding authorities of healthcare sector have all been taken into consideration in production of our products which meet the needs of the sector. Depending on our experience of more than 15 years, we have been providing service in paramedical software design, production and marketing, with our after-sales service and improving quality.

The medGate project, which is one of our products which we have been working on since 1999, was initially put into service in 2000 and since then it has been adapted to Pentax, Olympus, Fujinon, other video endoscopy and medical television systems. 

At present, over 1500 medGate products have been in service with confidence in elite and demonstrable hospitals along with our after-sales services. endoCleaner endoscopy washing and disinfection device, endoStorages endoscopy drying and keeping cabinet, endoLeakage endoscopy leakage testing device, which are some of our products, are all produced by our firm and are supported by a highly efficient after-sales service.

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