AGT-Agency o.o.o

3/13, Bld. 1, Maroseyka Street, 101990 Moscow
Russian Federation
Telephone +7 495 6240301
Fax +7 495 6210060

About us

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AGT Communications Network — is the leading communications and PR network in Russia. The agency was active in the PR market for more than 17 years and performed, hundreds of communication projects, including information support and public promotion of national priority projects. AGT Communications Network consists of 9 agencies which operate in all federal districts of Russia, in Belarus and Kazakhstan. This allows the company to effectively realize projects at local, interregional and national levels. Thanks to being so well represented, AGT was able to pioneer 'Regional Relations', a new branch of business communication. Also, being part of the leading global network PROI Worldwide, gives AGT a crucial added value for the realization of world scale projects for its clients.

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