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Erwin Klünder

Sales Director Healthcare

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Product & Service Manager


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Sales Manager Flexibles


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Björn Sneckenborg

Sales Manager Flexibles


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Torbjörn Gunnarsson

Sales Manager Flexibles


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Silvia Oertle

Sales Manager Cartons


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Ruedi Kobelt

Sales Manager Cartons


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Sales Manager Cartons




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Our products

Product category: Packaging materials

Seal2care® - the sustainable grid lacquered medical paper

Medical devices play a crucial role in the treatment of diseases and improved quality of life for people suffering from disabilities. Medical papers ensure safe protection of in-pack sterilised products until usage. Our innovative Seal2care® is our latest addition to our medical paper range – sustainable and well suited for both ETO and radiation sterilisation.

A water-based lacquer, applied in a well-defined grid pattern, not only provides optimal easy peel opening, tight seals and tamper evidence but also improves the environmental footprint compared to conventional solvent based solutions.

Combine Seal2care® with our Ecoseal 12/40 AP for excellent product visibility and a safe easy opening during the whole shelf life of your product.

Seal2care® is well suited for:
  • advanced wound care dressings
  • syringes
  • gloves
  • catheters and many other medical products

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Product category: Contract packaging, Packaging materials

Serialisation and track & trace

To protect patients and drug manufacturers from seriously damaging counterfeits, a high level of product and process transparency and authenticity is in place. The industry is relying on serialisation and track & trace – and there are several, different country-specific requirements, that regulate the specification for a successful traceability in each market. Compliance with these strict safety regulations should go hand in hand with an efficient process.

With our production technologies, we print all common code formats on open and pre-glued packaging blanks. A high-resolution, high-contrast print result ensure legibility in the Grading A area. With the support of state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, number ranges are precisely managed and pharma-compliant data handling is secured, which includes the provision and feedback of coded data. We offer an integrated, highly efficient process – from production to serialisation – from a single source.

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Product category: Packaging materials

Suture packaging with outstanding peel opening

The demands on surgical packaging is extreme in many ways. Sterility and avoidance of contamination is of course crucial for the patient safety while controlled easy opening is decisive for the performance in the operating theatres.

The AR Packaging Transofoil® Coldform solution is a custom designed packaging for high barrier demanding sutures. The single primary packaging provides specific opening features for tamper evidence and smooth peelability. The sutures can be packed in thermoformable Transofoil® with Tyvek as a strip or the foil and outer wrapping of Tyvek or medical paper and film, depending on sterilisation methods (irradiation and ETO) and absorbable suture procedures.

The white and shiny Transofoil® material gives an attractive look whether neutral or printed. Development and testing is done in cooperation with the machine supplier Colimatic to ensure high efficiency and faster implementation process.

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Product category: Packaging materials

Leaflets – Compliant patient information

To ensure the correct intake or application of a pharmaceutical or medical product and to inform about side effects, every medicine is delivered with mandatory patient information. Also in the broad market of personal care, products often need to come along with additional information for the customer. Therefore, we take great care of leaflet solutions, that comply with latest regulatory requirements and guarantee high line efficiency.

In providing folding boxes and leaflets from one single source, we develop a well fitted solution in an efficient way and offer maximum flexibility. Choose from a variety of individual formats and folding types – from plano, to outserts to integrated leaflets. Through permanent print inspection and code verification we ensure security during all stages of printing and converting. The downstream packaging process can be supported by our co-packaging service.

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Product category: Packaging materials

High barrier foil laminates for highest protection

In order to maintain required properties over its long shelf life, many pharmaceutical and medical products have specific requirements for oxygen, moisture or light barrier as well as chemical resistance. The AR Packaging foil laminates are tailored to ensure requested product protection, but also highest production efficiency and end-user convenience with minimised use of resources.

Foilbond® with outer paper look & feel
A thin aluminium foil delivers barrier while the paper outer layer incorporates easy-tear opening and on-the-go consumer convenience features. A range of paper options and sealing layers (PE- and ionomer-based) suit different requirements of visual effects, migration prevention, chemical resistance and high processing efficiencies.

Transofoil® with outer film for mechanical strength and attractive print
The thin aluminium foil layer ensures excellent product protection while the outer film provides strength and possibilities for stunning visual effects on silver or white surface. Superior PE- or ionomer-based sealing, excellent hot tack and stress crack resistance enable use for the most demanding barrier applications and ensure high processing efficiencies.

Foilbond® and Transofoil® are ideal for many pack formats such as sachets, pouches and stick-packs produced in HFFS and VFFS machines.

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Product category: Packaging materials

Thermoformable base webs optimised for high performance

While medical device packaging must ensure sterility as top priority, other aspects such as precise thermoforming to complex packaging designs, puncture resistance, product visibility and cost-efficiency are also important to cover.

Based on pioneering thermoformable base webs since the 1970’s, AR Packaging offers materials with tailored barrier properties, optimised mechanical strength and exact easy peel-performance for safe use in the healthcare sector.

HiLite® - high clarity semi-rigid materials
Based on PET, it delivers excellent product presentation and protection. Options with up to 50% recycled content (rPET) from certified sources improve the environmental footprint. PETG and GAG (PETG/APET/PETG) alternatives are intended for applications where superior seal properties are required.

NP - maximised performance for the most demanding applications
Polyamide-based material in tailored barrier versions offer exceptional performance in thermoforming, puncture resistance, sealability and visual clarity. Available as high clarity transparent film and a range of coloured versions.

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Product category: Packaging design, packaging development, Packaging materials

Anti-tampering device

Driven by legal requirements on the one side and the ambition to guarantee patient safety on the other, secondary packaging for pharmaceutical products, especially prescription medicine, is always equipped with an anti-tampering device. It indicates whether the packaging has already been opened before. This special feature also adds value to our primary packaging made of flexible barrier material.

We offer various concepts to implement the ideal safety feature into the packaging solution. From advanced structural design solutions, to special production technologies. There are broad possibilities to ensure compliance with EU Directive 2016/161.

Applications for our anti-tampering devices
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Valuable medicine with counterfeit potential
  • medical products such as woundcare, sutures etc.

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Product category: Packaging design, packaging development, Packaging materials

Anti-counterfeit solutions

In a market of high value products, counterfeit account for enormous safety risks and damaged brand value. Security features applied to the packaging increase the protection and therefore can save both lives and economical damage. State-of-the-art technologies prevent imitation and confirm safety of the packed goods when it arrives to the end user. 

We provide various security features tailored to the needs of the healthcare industry and support you in creating a holistic anti-counterfeit strategy:
  • Compliant serialisation and labelling for worldwide target markets
  • Invisible protection by slight modification of the printing process
  • Printing with UV-, coin-reactive- and more security inks
  • Individual protection in partnership with Cypheme (Smart packaging solution)
  • Application of security labels

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Product category: Packaging design, packaging development, Packaging materials

Endless finishing possibilities for visual differentiation

Even in the pharmaceutical market, shelf impression is a key performance to consider. Especially in the field of OTC products, where products compete against each other in pharmacies or drugstores, the look of the secondary packaging can make a difference. With our background of a well-known partner for the beauty industry, we can draw from an almost infinite number of possibilities to create the right finishing for your product.

Apart from tactile varnishes, hot foil stamping, cold foiling, we look forward to present the benefits of a 3D lens application, holographic effects, lasergloss or reverse-side printing. These technologies are a great eyecatchers and will also contribute to the safety of your product. Moreover, with our aim to produce sustainable products, we rely on technologies and processes that are efficient, recyclable and improve the overall environmental footprint.

Applications for your pharmaceutical and medical products:
  • Hotfoil stamping
  • Inline coldfoil application
  • Reverse-side printing
  • Lasergloss applications
  • Registered 3D foil application (Lensvision)
  • Tactile varnishes - soft touch or rough drip-off varnishes
  • Blind embossing (braille)
  • ... and many more

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Product category: Contract packaging

Co-packing for folding boxes and leaflets

For a pharmaceutical manufacturer it usually is a long and challenging journey from the development of a new pharmaceutical product to its introduction on the market. The packaging production and the packing process are considerable parameters regarding the time-to-market. An agile partner for packaging service is essential to react to legislation changes or other incidents blocking the process.

With our reliable packing service we offer the realisation of all conceivable packing and repacking processes – from manual folding, assembly, (re)packing and closing of folding boxes. This also involves the test runs, small lot size editions, assembling of leaflets and the realisation of innovative packaging concepts apart from standard solutions. With our certified pharma standards in place (ISO 15378:2017, ISO 13485) we are able to develop customised and flexible solutions with safety as our top priority.

Application for our secondary co-packing service:

  • Pharmaceutical & medical packaging
  • Leaflets
  • Smart packaging
  • Innovative packaging development
  • Processing of blocked batches to complete marketability

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Product category: Packaging design, packaging development, Packaging materials

Childproof packaging

Products that are beneficial for grown-ups, can have a negative impact for the youngest among us. A responsible handling of pharmaceuticals is extremely important to ensure patient safety and packaging has the power to support that.  Equipping the packaging of pharmaceuticals with childproof features can therefore be essential to increase protection.

Our childproof concepts are made of 100% cartonboard. They meet the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and support the customer’s wish for more appeal and sustainability. Clever constructions made from a single piece enable automatic processing and packing at high speed. Also, depending on the packed product, barrier functions can be integrated.

Applications for our childproof packaging:
  • Products for animal health
  • OTC products for adults

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Product category: Packaging materials

Boardio® - the recyclable can for responsible healthcare brands

To offer tablets, hard capsules, nutritional supplements or other powders in a bigger quantity, plastic bottles and tubs are a common packaging. With our aim to deliver solutions made of renewable and recyclable resources, while guaranteeing elevated product safety, we provide innovative complete packaging systems of both machinery and packaging components.

 Boardio® is our latest system innovation with high environmental benefits. It is a carton-based, convenient and cost-effective packaging solution with tailored low to high barrier protection. Designed for recyclability with a very high content of renewable cartonboard, it enables strong positioning for responsible brands. Creative shapes and high flexibility in size makes it ideal for product differentiation on the shelves.

Applications for our Boardio® system solution:
  • dry mixes
  • pills
  • powder
  • supplements and more

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Company news



30 Oct 2020

AR Packaging elevates its leading position in healthcare packaging by acquiring Kroha GmbH

The growth of AR Packaging continues with the acquisition of German based Kroha GmbH, a specialist in folding carton packaging for pharmaceuticals. This strategic move further strengthens the Group’s leading position and capabilities to service both mid-sized and large customers in the pharmaceutical industry.

AR Packaging’s strategic direction for growth in the healthcare sector started with the acquisitions of the former K+D AG, rlc packaging Group and BSC Drukarnia in 2019 and early 2020. The acquisition of Kroha is the next step in line with this strategy and will be another highly attractive addition to the Group’s offering of healthcare packaging.

“I am very pleased to see AR Packaging as the chosen partner for Kroha. The owner Franz Kroha has developed the company to a well recognised supplier to healthcare customers with high demands”, said Harald Schulz, President and CEO of AR Packaging. “Taking over the responsibilities of Kroha confirms our ambition for further growth of the AR Packaging core segments, both organically and through further acquisitions.”

Kroha GmbH is a family owned company producing folding cartons and leaflets at its factories in Miesbach and Barleben, Germany. With its sole focus on pharmaceutical packaging, 250 highly skilled employees and a strong management team uphold high quality assurance and efficient operations.

“AR Packaging has a clear strategic focus on healthcare packaging which fits very well with the ambitions of Kroha”, said Franz Kroha, the current owner of Kroha GmbH. “I am convinced that my company will have the best opportunities for further development with AR Packaging’s extensive expertise and strong commitment to quality, speed and customer focus.”

Completion of the acquisition is subject to regulatory approvals and is expected before the end of 2020.

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13 Nov 2019

AR Packaging to consolidate the European healthcare and beauty packaging market through further acquisitions

In line with its set strategy to become a global leader in selected segments, ÅR Packaging Group AB has acquired all outstanding shares in K+D AG and entered into agreement to acquire all outstanding shares in rlc Packaging GmbH as well as indirectly a significant share in BSC Drukarnia Opakowań S.A. The companies are well-reputed packaging producers with substantial market presence in the central European market for healthcare and beauty products. This strategic move will elevate AR Packaging to a leading market position also in the healthcare, pharma and beauty segment.

Through the acquisitions of K+D and rlc, AR Packaging will continue its successful growth developmentin line with the strategic plan to expand in selected segments. The healthcare business of the Group includes both carton based and flexible packaging for customers in the pharma, medical and beauty industry in Europe and Asia.

K+D is an expert in pharmaceutical and cosmetics packaging and provides GMP-compliant, finished and counterfeit-proof cartonboard solutions. The company is based in Switzerland, where it holds a market leading position in pharmaceutical packaging printing, and has around 70 employees.

rlc Packagingis an innovative premium packaging manufacturer specialised inhigh quality folding cartons to the beauty, pharma, food and confectionery industry. The Group comprises of four production facilities in Germany and one in Switzerland. Additionally, the group holds a significant share in BSC Drukarnia Opakowań in Poland having two plants. In total the headcount is around 1,500 experienced employees. rlc Packaging has a strong market position in Central Europe with a customer base of both well-known global large-cap and local mid-cap companies.

“We are excited to welcome these companies, which are a good fit for our group’s growth strategy. Together with our existing activities it will put AR Packaging at a top 3 position in Europe in the healthcare, pharma and beauty segments, served by 11 plants in 6 countries”, says Harald Schulz, President and CEO of AR Packaging. “The customers of K+D and, following completion, rlc will benefit from our Group’s unique product portfolio including multi substrate packaging”.

For K+D, Stefan Kuhn, the previous owner, says: “We are very happy to join the AR Packaging family. It is a strategic step for us which follows the market dynamics and is in favour of our national and international customers as well as for our employees. Personally I will support the integration and further development of K+D in an active role for some time”.

“As a family business in its 5th generation, we have always focused on sustainable and long-term perspectives for our employees and a reliable relationship with our customers", say Hans-Christian and Stephan Bestehorn at rlc Packaging. "Becoming part of AR Packaging, we see excellent opportunities to further increase packaging expertise and commitment available to pharma and brand owners. For this reason, we both remain within the company and are therefore fully committed to the strategic idea behind this decision.”

Completion of the acquisition of rlc Packaging is subject to customary closing conditions, including local regulatory approvals. The parties to the acquisition have agreed that no financial details will be disclosed.

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About us

Company portrait

AR Packaging is one of Europe’s leading companies in the packaging sector with net sales of more than EUR 900 million, 5,500 employees and 27 factories in 13 countries. The Group offers a unique range of packaging solutions from its specialised plants. Added value is created to its customers through its broad product offering and deep knowledge of carton-based and flexible packaging. 

The dedicated facilities for pharmaceutical and medical primary and secondary packaging production ensure GMP-compliant manufacturing and are strongly committed to safety, quality and sustainability. As innovation leader, AR Packaging provides tailormade healthcare solutions of folding cartons, leaflets, flexibles and services such as serialisation and co-packing. Digitalised processes, lean production and close customer relationships secure efficiency and agility from development to production and logistics. 

The head office is located in Lund, Sweden. AR Packaging has an objective to grow both organically and by way of acquisitions. With the recent acquisitions of rlc packaging and K+D, the company has significantly strengthened its pharmaceutical expertise and taken a leading market position. 

Company data

Sales volume > 500 Mio US $
Number of employees > 5000
Occupational sector Packaging and print