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  • 01  Electromedical equipment / medical technology
  • 01.08  Operating technology and operating equipment
  • 01.08.04  Other equipment for operating technology

Our products

Product category: Other equipment for operating technology


Artiness is developing a holographic platform for patient-specific procedural support based on a highly scalable cloud solution. Accurate and detailed 3D holographic models are obtained starting from standard medical images, allowing for a more precise and reliable procedural planning.

The entire process relies on our secure cloud platform, where it is possible to safely load patient-specific medical imaging data with seamless operations for the 3D model elaboration. An optimized software application for standalone and wireless connected mixed reality headsets allows for a seamless, intuitive and precise holographic interaction with the patient-specific 3D models and the original imaging data.

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Product category: Other equipment for operating technology


Our technology allows to connect remotely any expert to a local medical doctor with low latency, including the live streaming of medical data and patient specific information.

In addition, in partnership with Vodafone Italia, Artiness is developing the first Remote Proctoring platform for cardiovascular percutaneous procedures based on mixed reality and running on the last generation Vodafone 5G network. Our innovative technology will enable a real-time interaction between the cath-lab and any remote expert, including the shared collaboration on patient-specific holographic models and a low latency streaming of live imaging medical data.

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Product category: Other equipment for operating technology


Artiness creates innovative ad-hoc solutions to optimize the training and education in a medical setting thanks to multi-user shared experiences in mixed reality. Our technology allows for a 3D holographic interaction with a custom library of patient-specific anatomies for the analysis and teaching of pathological conditions or device implant strategies. Multimedia contents can be included in the shared mixed reality experience to support the training session.

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About us

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Artiness vision is to unleash the potential of mixed reality in the healthcare world, providing to medical doctors and surgeons an effective, reliable and human-friendly holographic 3D platform to improve each patient’s outcomes.