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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Components, modules, OEM equipment
  • 05.06  Valves
  • 05  Components, modules, OEM equipment
  • 05.13  Other components, modules, OEM equipment

Our products

Product category: Valves

AR check valve

One way check valve for gravity drip
Being assembled into medical circuits as well as life-science equipment, this product works as a one way valve.
G r a v i t y C h e c k V a l v e (made in JAPAN)
AR check valve is used as a valve to prevent backflow of liquid by being incorporated in the circuit of medical equipment and equipment/devices related to life science.

・Safety for medical use
Compatible for steam sterilization and EOG sterilization.
Obtained safety test data after sterilization

・Clean Production Environment
Safe and reliable Japan domestic production.
Production environment equivalent to ISO class 7/ US class 10,000.

・Less Aging Variation
Annealed to prevent dimensional change

・Application example
Artificial dialysis auxiliary circuit
Infusion circuit
Contrast agent extension tube

Evaluation Samples can be provided (transportation cost will be borne by the customer)

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Product category: Other components, modules, OEM equipment

AR Super thin silicone sheet

High precision Rubber Sheet for Various applications

It is a low-toxic sheet made by a proprietary solventless process.(made in JAPAN)

・High transparency, and very permeable to oxygen.
・Superior to flexibility, possible to microfabrication
・Available to wide variety of application such as cell culture, medical and analytical equipment
・Extreme hydrophilic type on sale soon
※We confirmed that cytotoxicity was not observed in the inhigition test of colony formation which is test
method for biological safety test method of medical equipment.(PFSB/ELD/OMDE Notification NO.0301-20,Year'2012)

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Product category: Other components, modules, OEM equipment

Super hydrophilic silicone rubber

Silicone rubber surface is hydrophobic in general.
Our original, the world's first new technology can turn it into hydrophilic.

・Little chronological change
Compared with our traditional technology, hydrophilic nature lasts longer, which can make your working process straightforward.

Hydrophilicity lasts after sterilization process which are needed in med/life-science applications.

・Low toxicity
Low toxicity makes this technology support a wide range of applications.

・Life science Fluid management device
Ex)  Preparation of less resistive microfluidic channel Hydrophilic / hydrophobic control on a sheet.
・Material for cell culturing container
Ex) Stress free harvesting by culturing specific cells on an elastic surface, with fluorescent observability.

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Product category: Other components, modules, OEM equipment

F-TEM (Flexible-thermoelectric module)

 F-TEM (Flexible-thermoelectric module) is a flexible thermoelectric device by having Peltier elements sealed in rubber.  Basically it can function in the same way as a conventional ceramic Peltier devices.

・ “soft” Peltier device made of conventional Peltier elements and rubber.
・ Flexible (minimum bend radius 25mm) unlike conventional ceramic Peltier devices.
・ Rubber body that replaced ceramics brings a remarkable weight reduction of 40%.
・ Superior drop-resistance (survives against 1.5m free fall impact)
・ Excellent vibration resistance thanks to its rubber body.
・ Comprehensive water tight structure

・ Temperature control
・ Electrically controllable to heat or cool an object
・ Attachable on a cylindrical surface around a diameter of 50mm

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Product category: Other components, modules, OEM equipment

Super soft material

Demonstration and Training models for Electric Scalpels

・Realizing a sensation close to that felt during an actual operation
・Almost odorless during practice No unpleasant odor associated with gels for electric scalpels
・Allowing more realistic practice not only for incision,but also for removal

Usage Examples:
-Practice of surgical techniques
-Quantitative evaluation when developing various apparatus

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About us

Company portrait

■Live up to customers' expectations with high quality and economic efficiency

ASAHI RUBBER INC. aims to live up to customers' expectations by developing essential parts for products which help to solve environmental issues including human health problems and innovative products for creating new green markets, based on our three core technologies of: "color / light control", "surface modification and micro processing", and "material denaturalization".

Company data

Sales volume 50-99 Mio US $
Export content max. 10%
Number of employees 100-499
Foundation 1976
Occupational sector
  • Components, parts, modules, Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Valves