AZothBio Inc.

Unit.502, 503, 504 Starwood Bldg., 400, Dunchon-Daero, 13229 Seongnam-Si,gyeonggi-Do,korea Seongnam-s
Korea, Republic
Telephone +82 31 3440797
Fax +82 31 3440768


Jake Kim

General Manager, International Business
Advanced Bio Material (ABM)

+82 10 9345 1058


Ph.D. Biochemistry Yongbok Choi

Vice President
Advanced Bio Material (ABM)

Haewon Jeong

Advanced Bio Material (ABM)

+82 31 344 0797


Sunjeong Park

Advanced Bio Material (ABM)

+82 31 344 0797


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Commodities and consumer goods
  • 05.15  Wound care equipment
  • 05.15.09  Wound adhesives

Our products

Product category: Wound adhesives

EG-Q Bond (Bio-adhesive)

EG-Q BOND is a bio-adhesive designed to overcome the disadvantage of conventional medical sutures. It approximates tissue with high adhesion force (tensile strength) and improved cell viability (low cytotoxicity level) while minimizing the scarring from the suturing process as well as hypertrophic scar during the wound healing process.

  • Indication: Topical application for bonding of cutaneous wounds
  • Advantage:
    - Strong adhesion to bio tissue
    - Improved cell viability
    - Microbial barrier (infection prevention)
    - No need for dressing
    - Patent registered (7 international patents)

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Product category: Wound adhesives

EG-Q SPECIAL Liquid Bandage (Wound Dressing)

Conventional disposable bands are difficult to apply on the curved areas of body and easily exposed to external contamination. To overcome such disadvantages, liquid bandage products have been introduced however, most of them carry severe pain and pungent smell which hinder users to use them. EG-Q SPECIAL Liquid Bandage not only provides painless & odorless microbial film on the wound but also its microbial film is 100% waterproof which protects the wound from external contamination.

  • Indication: Wound dressing (fluid-impermeable film)
  • Advantage:
    - CE certified
    - Painless & odorless
    - Fast film formation (less than 20 sec)
    - Waterproof
    - Microbial barrier (infection prevention)
    - Easy to apply on curved surface
    - Patent registered (5 domestic patents)

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Company news



10 Nov 2020

Introduction of AZothBio

‘Universal catalyst and panacea’

AZothBio is derived from the word, Azoth, which reflects our vision to become a catalyst for new drug development.

With its abundant research experience and knowledge in AI-Bio platform, biotechnology, medical treatment and drug discovery, AZothBio develops innovative biomedical products.

Our corporate philosophy is to solve the medical unmet needs and to offer patients the Choice for the Better Life.

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07 Sep 2020

AZothBio and Autotelic Bio to conclude additional contract for joint development of immune anticancer drugs

On September 7, AZothBio (CEO Shin Jae-min) and Autotelic Bio (CEO Kim Tae-hoon) agreed to jointly develop an immune anticancer drug. It is a follow-up contract signed about five months after the contract for joint development of targeted cancer drugs in April.

The immune anticancer drug which they are to develop is not out on the market yet, and a few global companies are undergoing clinical trials. The two companies believe that they can implement a fast follower strategy using AZothBio’s AI platform and Autotelic Bio’s research know-how. This joint development project is a structure in which both companies’ technology and resources are jointly invested and equal rights are divided. As a way to increase the work efficiency of the development of anticancer drugs that the two companies are working on, a follow-up contract was signed.

AZothBio is a company specializing in new drug development AI platforms, and is working with new drug development companies by establishing an integrated platform that enables the data platform and AI model to operate efficiently. The project started with Autotelic Bio in April, and they have completed the development of a target-specific selection model (AI model) and is conducting research on the efficacy of new substances. Recently, they are discussing the expansion of their own AI new drug discovery platform to the platform of Rescale, a high-performance cloud computing company. Rescale had also been selected as one of the Tech Against Covid program to support the fight against COVID-19, receiving free support of computing resources to build a library of small molecule-based COVID treatment drugs.

Autotelic Bio is a research and development company that focuses on the development of innovative anticancer drugs. It is developing a variety of new immune and targeted anticancer drug pipelines, and its main research and development items are ATB-301, immune target double-function anticancer drug, and ATB-310, target anticancer drug. From October 2019 to February 2020, they attracted series A investment worth eight billion won from Mega Investment, UTC Investment, Stone Bridge Ventures, Ajoupharm, and Korea Credit Guarantee Fund. Recently, they have recruited Jeon Yong-kwan, formerly the head of development division of Boryung Biopharma as the clinical strategy development vice president, and Park Chang-hee, formerly the synthetic drug development project leader at Hanmi Pharmaceutical Research Lab as the Medicam Director.

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29 Jul 2020

AZothBio Proclaims to Become a Wound Care Specialist

Most of the bio-adhesives used in domestic surgery, dermatology, and plastic surgery are foreign-made, and its high price burdens the patients. CEO Shin Jae-min of AZothBio said, "We have developed a new technology for price-competitive Korean-made bio-adhesives with better adhesive strength and biological safety than existing bio-products." AVING News interviewed Shin, the CEO of AZothBio, which participated in the MIK HOT SPOT (Made in Korea Online Exhibition) KTVF.

With "the Choice for the Better Life" as the basic corporate spirit, AZothBio is the R&D company of competitive bio medical products and AI new drug platform based on rich experience and knowledge in the life science/bio/medical development areas accumulated over a long period of time.

AZothBio was founded in May 2016, and based on patented biomedical adhesive technology, AZothBio set their goal to become the wound care specialist by developing wound dressing, bio-adhesive, hemostatic, and scar treatment products.

EG-Q Bond is a product that has improved the weaknesses of butyl cyanoacrylate and octyl cyanoacrylate, the materials commonly used in bio-adhesives. It has outstanding adhesive speed and mechanical characteristics, making it suitable as bio-adhesives. When EG-Q Bond is applied to the well-aligned tissue of the incised area, the incised areas are hardened in contact with each other, and a thin and elastic film is formed on the tissue to protect the wound from external contamination. In addition, when the wound is sutured using a suture thread during surgical operation, scars may be created. But, when using EG-Q Bond, these scars can be minimized and hypertrophic scars that may occur during recovery can also be minimized.

EG-Q SPECIAL is a colorless, odorless, fully waterproof wound coating that is quickly dried when applied. Other products cause severe pain and disinfectant odor when used, and it takes a long time to dry. But, EG-Q SPECIAL is a safe product that is easy to use even by young children because it doesn't hurt even when applied, does not smell, and dries quickly. When the liquid-type EG-Q SPECIAL is applied to the wound, the liquid solution dries in 15 seconds and a thin and transparent protective film is formed to prevent the infiltration of bacteria and water, and patented nano-pore technology is applied to block external foreign substances at the same time creates the environment necessary for regeneration and recovery, thus accelerating the healing process and preventing contamination or infection of wounds.

At AZothBio, a total of 18 employees made up of masters and doctors in physics, biochemical engineering, and molecular cell biology are working, and the executives and researchers with long experience working in prominent research institutions at home and abroad are participating in product development.

In particular, our ABM (Advanced BioMaterial) division led by Vice President Choi Yong-bok is developing products specialized in wound healing and scar management based on independently-developed patented technology, and has applied for 11 domestic and foreign patents. In addition, it has obtained NET (New Excellent Technology) certification from MAFRA, and has received MFDS approval, Europe CE approval, and GMP approval, completing the international standard quality management system certification (EN ISO13485).

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07 Apr 2020

Wellmarker Bio and AZothBio Signs Research Collaboration Agreement on Developing New Targeted Anticancer-drug

On March 26 2020, Wellmarker Bio signed research collaboration agreement with AZothBio to develop a biomarker-based anti-cancer drugs using innovative AI platform (AiMol).

Wellmarker Bio agreed with AZothBio  to jointly develop a solid cancer target treatment that can overcome the resistance to the targeted therapy.

AZothBio’s virtual discovery technology known as ‘Generative-Adversal Network’ can predict the drug activation and not only does it create new drug candidates using new active compounds but it also allows to extract the characteristics of the existing compounds and mix with a novel one. The company expects to make innovative contributions to the new drug development with its advanced algorithms that can find and combine the characteristics of the compounds - creating virtual spaces accounting from 64 to 1124 dimensions.

The new drug that Wellmarker Bio is developing in collaboration with AZothBio is expected to be highly marketable as it has no competitive drug in the market and there is a wide range of patients that can be applied in the future through its indication expansion. By leveraging the AI platform, the company can reduce the development cost and time while gaining its market preposition.

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About us

Company portrait

AZothBio Inc. researches and developes competitive biomedical products on the basis of the prolonged experiences and extensive knowledge in AI, bio science and drug development.

The name, AZothBio, is derived from “Azoth,” meaning a
universal catalyst and panacea which reflects our vision to
become a catalyst for new drug development.

Our corporate philosophy is to solve the medical unmet needs
and to offer the Choice for the Better Life.

Company data

Number of employees 20-49
Foundation 2016
Occupational sector Disposables and consumables

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