ATsens Co., Ltd.

Point Town 806, 11, Gumi-ro, Bundang-gu, 13637 Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
Korea, Republic
Telephone +82 70 52200738
Fax +82 70 82700738


Ryan Kim

Vice President
Head of Sales & Marketing

+82 10 2050 0521


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  • 01.01  Diagnostics
  • 01.01.14  Heart circulation diagnostics equipment
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Our products

Product category: Heart circulation diagnostics equipment

AT-Patch, 11-Day Wearable ECG Patch for Arrhythmia Diagnosis

Still Repeat ECGs?
Just a Single 11-day Test, AT-Patch

Some abnormal cardiac events occur intermittently. Doctors can easily detect irregular heartbeats through a continuous 11-day test. AT-Patch(ATP-C120) is an all-new uninterrupted ambulatory cardiac monitor. AT-Patch provides a more suitable way of finding irregular heartbeats. AT-Patch helps doctors to diagnose more accurately.

Undoubtedly useful
AT-Patch shows high performance to gather ECG data for up to 11 days.

Certainly comfortable
AT-Patch is a compact size of 8.3mm thick & light weight of 13g and meets the grade of shower proof(IP44).

Additionally convenient
Providing a convenient AT-Note app with a viewer of Live ECG and a function of recording symptoms via Bluetooth.

Readily available
Superior analysis tool. AT-Report, S/W is applied with advanced AI algorithm technology for analyzing ECG data.

[ product components ]

AT-Patch includes AT-Note(App) and AT-Report(Analysis Software).

AT-Patch (ATP-C120)
- type: disposable patch-type (1 channel 3 leads)
- size: body 39x31x8.3mm, patch 50.6x93x0.5mm
- weight: 13g
- ingress protection: IP44
- period of use: up to 11 days(active mode)

AT-Note (ATN-C120)
- type: a smartphone application
- functions: live ECG viewer, ECG recorder, symptoms note via Bluetooth

AT-Report (ATR-C120)
- type: PC software applied with AI algorithm
- functions: analyzing ECG data, generating analysis reports for physicians

[ Certification ]

April 2020, Certification of CE MDD in Europe

August 2019, Certification of KFDA in Korea, Rep.

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Company news



06 Oct 2020

A clinical research paper using AT-Patch was published in the journal of Korean Medical Science in October 2020.

On October 6, the Korean Academy of Medical Sciences published the journal of Korean Medical Science(e363) including a clinical research paper using AT-Patch.

The paper is as follows.
"Comparison of Continuous ECG Monitoring by Wearable Patch Device and Conventional Telemonitoring Device"

Wonsuk Choi, Sun-Hwa Kim, Wonjae Lee, Si-Hyuck Kang, Chang-Hwan Yoon, Tae-Jin Youn and In-Ho Chae

Cardiovascular Center, Department of Internal Medicine, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Seongnam, Korea.

Paper Summary
Researchers enrolled 10 patients who admitted to Seoul National University Bundang Hospital in Korea and required continuous ECG monitoring between October 31, 2019 and December 18, 2019. AT-Patch and conventional ECG monitoring device were simultaneously applied to the patients and maintained for 48 hours. From each patient, 48 pairs of ECG signal were collected and analyzed by two cardiologists independently. Discrepancy of diagnosis and frequency of noise or signal loss were compared between the two devices. From analyzable ECG data, discrepancy of arrhythmia diagnosis was not observed between the two devices. Noise rate was higher in conventional ECG monitoring device (2.5% vs. 17.3%, P < 0.001) and signal loss was not observed in AT-Patch while there was 9.4% of signal losses in conventional Holter recorder group. AT-Patch was well-tolerated among 48 hours of monitoring period and no adverse event was observed.

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About us

Company portrait

ATsens is providing comprehensive way to diagnose Heart-Disease based on Wearable AT-Patch and AI based AT-Report SW.

ATsens was established in September 2017. The initials 'AT' included in ATsens stand for 'Advanced Technology’ toward Human beings. We are focusing on developing innovative healthcare platform, especially an electrocardiogram platform used at any time, anywhere from home to hospital.

ATsens applied 23 Patents regarding wearable ECG monitor & related SW algorithm. 

ATsens is using these technologies to carry out many projects/clinical tests with Top Tier Hospitals in Korea including Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Gachon University Gil Medical Center, Seoul Asan Medical Center, and Kyungpook National University Hospital.

Company data

Number of employees 20-49
Foundation 2017
Occupational sector Diagnostics