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Wheelchairs lifts and lifting platforms

  • 03  Barrier free living
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Our products

Product category: Wheelchairs lifts and lifting platforms, Stair lifter

Flow Curved Stairlift

The Flow2 single rail stairlift is the market leader when it comes to curved stairlifts and is the smartest lift of its type.

Flow is the only stairlift on the market which is capable of swivelling during the ride both up and down the stairs. This unique and patented feature makes the Flow stairlift capable of fitting most staircases, straight, around corners or even spiral.

This compact stairlift looks simple on the outside but the technology on the inside is extremely ingenious. The angle of the staircase can vary from -70° up to 70°.

Features and Benefits
By using its patented power swivel system, the Flow curved stairlift can tackle staircases as narrow as 61cm (24 inches) wide, swivelling the footrest as it goes – the rail also sits closely to the stairs, making Flow the most adaptable stairlift in the world – no other stairlift can boast this.

The Flow curved stairlift has a seat which is ergonomically shaped to the user providing for a more enjoyable ride.

Aesthetically designed
The Flow stairlift is designed to be a feature of the home, rather than just a mobility product; the user can choose between three fabric colours, four vinyl, six elegant leather and three comfort leather to determine the best fit.

Choice of armrests
Optional curved armrests fold inwards to make the user feel more secure during travel.

Suitable for all
The seat height is adjustable to five different positions when a powered swivel is used (set at installation), which means that Flow stairlift can be adjusted to suit a variety of users.

Flow folds neatly for storage, using its linked seat to footrest mechanism, removing the need to bend and manually fold the stairlift.

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Product category: Elevators, Wheelchairs lifts and lifting platforms

Altura Gold

Discover the luxury of the new Altura Gold platform lifts

Altura Gold is the first in our luxurious new family of platform lifts. Premium features are included as standard across the Altura range, leaving you free to select the type and size of lift that best meets your needs.

The Altura Gold is an open-sided platform, driven by a compact screw and nut mechanism, and fully contained within its own lightweight shaft. The lift is designed to be installed into small spaces without compromising on comfort or ease of access. The Altura Gold has a clean and simple design, highlighted with elegant details, making it an attractive addition to any building.

Smooth and Comfortable
A soft start and soft stop device is fitted as standard, giving a smooth and comfortable ride every time. The lifting screw is fitted with an automatic lubrication device, keeping the lift running smoothly and helping to keep your equipment in top condition.

New Control Panel
The Altura control panel has been designed to look good while being clear and easy to use. The sleek and stylish panel is backlit, with a high-quality colour display that shows the location of the lift and gives system status information.

Your Choice
Altura Gold lifts are available in two different configurations. The lift can be customised to match your surroundings with a choice of colours and finishes for the console wall, shaft and doors, including glass panels for the shaft and door.

Safe and Secure
Advanced safety features are included as standard on the Altura Gold. In case of a power-cut, the lift can be safely lowered using a battery operated emergency lowering system. This system also includes a battery guard that monitors the battery status and ensures that there is always enough charge to operate the lift in an emergency.

A handrail is included as standard, and for installations in public buildings, a range of security options are available to prevent unauthorised use.

Easy Installation and Maintenance
We’ve designed the Altura Gold to be easy to install and maintain. The lift is supplied with a metal shaft for installation against a load-bearing wall and can normally be installed in just a few days, with minimal construction work. The control panel displays diagnostic codes so that the user can provide useful information to the engineer in advance of a maintenance visit, and the service panel is easy to access. Where possible, standard components are used across the Altura lift family, making things simple for our reseller partners.

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Product category: Wheelchairs lifts and lifting platforms


The Supra is an inclined platform lift, advanced in design and ergonomics, created to meet the needs of customers who demand the best in comfort and quality.

Because of its unique rail concept, Supra is suitable for installation on almost any type of staircase; straight or curved, indoors or outdoors. Supra’s dual rail concept is robust in design and doubles up as a handrail, creating optimal use of space. Special attention has been paid to safety and quality. Supra has been tested to TÜV standards and is CE certified.

Features and Benefits
Safety first
Supra comes fitted with automatic safety bars which open for the user to enter the platform and then close to ensure the user is safely contained within the platform during the ride. It also has sensitive safe edges both on the side of the machine body and on the access ramps, if these come into contact with an obstacle during travel then the lift stops in order for the obstacle to be removed.

Supra can be folded away compactly when not in use, this ensures sufficient space on the staircase for other stair users. The platform folds automatically so there is no need to manually fold the lift.

Easy on/off
As Supra’s automatic platform unfolds, access ramps are also lowered to enable the user to get easily on and off the platform. These access ramps are also retracted during closure.

Supra is not a one size fits all inclined platform lift and comes with a number of different platform sizes. There are eight standard sizes, with many other customised sizes available.

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For Access BDD, top-level customer service is of vital importance and part of the reason dealers choose to sell Access BDD stairlifts and platform lifts above those of the competition.
Access BDD strives to provide a local service to dealers in more than 40 countries – including the UK, Europe, South East Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. The company is proud to boast that it has a number of fluent foreign language speakers and as an organisation can collectively speak more than fifteen different languages.

Each territory has a dedicated team which includes at least one Sales Manager, Sales Coordinator and Technical Manager and of that team, at least two are qualified language speakers with one usually being native to that region. This locality, which includes regular visits from sales and technical managers, ensures dealers feel the Access BDD team is committed to their business and that they are working with a team that fully understands their cultures, customs and other factors that affect them.

Every dealer is provided with access to a sales toolkit containing:

  • Product brochures
  • Marketing materials
  • Videos
  • Photographs

As a direct result of combining a fantastic and loyal team with excellent customer service provision, Access BDD has enjoyed an amazing period of growth not just in the last 12 months, but consistently over the last five years and these factors have led to the company winning more business year on year.

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