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  • 11  Physical training, physiotherapy and occupational therapy
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Our products

Product category: Ergonomic equipment

iFLOAT Arm Support

The iFLOAT helps you by supporting your arm, allowing you to perform everyday activities like personal care, work and practising your hobbies and making it less fatiging. This user friendly arm support has been developed for people with reduced muscle strength or muscle function as a result of a muscular disease or spinal cord injury. It also works well for preventing injuries like RSI, MSD and RMI.

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Product category: Ergonomic equipment

iFLOAT NG Dynamic

The iFLOAT NG Dynamic is the first arm support in the NG-series (New Generation). Equipped with various features like smart control, memory options and integrated software and electronics, the new iFLOAT NG Dynamic places itself amongst the best arm supports available.

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Product category: Ergonomic equipment

iARM Robot Arm

It is an intelligent, wheelchair mounted robot arm. The things that make the iARM so special are its intuitive controls and user friendly setup. The controls are sensitive and the robotic arm is very precise, making it very suitable for personal care like brushing teeth, combing hair, but also eating and drinking. A special eating and drinking mode is available.

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Product category: Ergonomic equipment

iEAT Eating devices

Assistive eating devices offer support and assistance in regaining the ability to eat independently (again). Developed to aid people with a muscular disease, a neurological disease or a spinal cord injury, they can either support the user's movements or perform it for them. All of our eating and feeding devices come with a specialy designed plate, spoon and plate rotation unit.

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About us

Company details

Assistive Innovation is a small organisation, originaly founded in The Netherlands. We have been developing and manufacturing assistive devices for over 25 years, mainly focussing on people with limited arm, hand or finger function, but aiming to help anyone in need. Our mission is to help people achieve true independence. We specialize in arm supports, eating devices and robotic arms.

We will always try to help you find a fitting solution. Personal attention and advise it what defines us.

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